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In the News

Transgender Caucus groups don't just arise out of thin air. This piece shares a brief timeline around the founding and development of United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion.

Responses to our 5 Questions Profile from recently deceased Minister Charlene Jacqueline Arcila-Ecks. May her memory be a blessing.

Important reports from the Council of Europe and the Fundamental Rights Agency both released on the same day.

An April 2015 story about intersex on the AP News spurs a response by intersex advocate, Jim Ambrose -- emphasizing that wishful thinking is not helpful.

Helena Dalli, sponsor of the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Bill (GIGESC), talks about what the legislation means.

On the Move

Announcing Transfaith's new partnership with Working Group on Transgender, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics -- focusing on sharing transgender stories of spirit and resilience on Facebook

Highlighting the Rev Drew Phoenix's historic journey with the United Methodist Church

Transfaith launches a pair of new Facebook groups addressing the needs of people with intersex conditions. One group will serve as a space for people with intersex conditions to connect with and encourage one another. The other will be open to all, providing resources for allies and advocates.

Transfaith expands its Facebook presence, with daily prayer and event listings, plus lots more!

The Transfaith Memorial Garden is an effort to make space for our grief, to remember lives well lived, and to claim the deep resilience that comes when we gather together. We gather to create space and hold space in a way that is about healing our communities from within.



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