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Dealing with People

Monday 21. of May 2007

It's hard to change gender in private!
~ Deirdre McClosky

Category: Dealing with People

Friday 01. of June 2007 Inspiration and help in coming out

We are all small islands swimming in a great sea, each isolated from its neighbors by an ocean of ignorance, fear, and uncertainty. Our relationships are the bridges that tie us together...

Category: Dealing with People

Friday 01. of June 2007 Disclosure

Whether we choose to be open about our gender transition, or to avoid declaring it to the general public, our motive should be guided by Christ's love in our hearts.

Category: Dealing with People

Friday 01. of June 2007 Expressing our needs

"Coming Out" can be a powerful experience, often serving as a catalyst in revealing our special secret self, while at the same time, improving our overall communication skills.

Category: Dealing with People

Friday 01. of June 2007 Coming Out to my Congregation

As a church family you have been wonderful to me as Bob, and it is my sincere desire and prayer that this will continue as my life continues to change, and as I enter my new gender role as Brenda.

Category: Dealing with People, Life in the Church - Truth-telling, TF exclusive

Friday 01. of June 2007 You're Transgendered. What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus gives us a model of how to live our lives--by demonstrating high character and tolerance of others whom we wish were more tolerant of us.

Category: Dealing with People, TF exclusive

Friday 01. of June 2007 Coming Out As A Child of God

If I truly believe that the Lord loves me unconditionally and has forgiven me ALL my sins, why would I still be afraid to "come out?"

Category: Dealing with People

Tuesday 05. of June 2007 Out of one closet and into another

Many transgender people choose to live “stealth”—never admitting to being transgender—because of safety concerns, societal stigma, and prejudice.

Category: Dealing with People

Monday 13. of August 2007 Transwomen, Lesbians, and the "Border Police"

It wasn't very long before I discovered there are "police" on the border between the identity called lesbian and the identity called trans, especially the identity of pre-operative transsexual women.

Category: LGB related, TF exclusive, Dealing with People

Monday 27. of August 2007 No Person's Land: Transgender Marriage

Unhappy in-laws, lawsuits, tax courts, probate courts, and many other adversarial realities in our world create a pall of threat over every transgender marriage.

Category: Dealing with People, Violence, TF exclusive

Tuesday 16. of October 2007 I love you IF...

God does not say: "I love you only if you keep every letter of my law. If you fail to keep even one part of it, I will no longer love you."

Category: Dealing with People

Wednesday 31. of October 2007 Coming Out as Transgender (PDF)

Category: Dealing with People, Life in the Church - Truth-telling, The Basics

Sunday 30. of March 2008 A Christian's Journey Through Cross-Dressing

Category: Dealing with People

Tuesday 20. of May 2008 The T in GLBTQ Belongs Right Where It Is

An ally speaks of her transformation... and commitment.

Category: LGB related, Dealing with People

Sunday 01. of June 2008 Parashat Vayetzei - And Jacob came out...

Category: Dealing with People, Jewish stuff