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The Other Side was a progressive Christian magazine published from 1965 until 2004.  Founded initially to deal with issues of race, The Other Side gradually expanded to cover a variety of other issues, including economic justice, militarism and U.S. imperialism, feminism, and gay and lesbian concerns (among others).

In our May-June 2001 issue, The Other Side published a cluster of four articles relating to transgender issues.  Two of these articles were provided on The Other Side's website, until the magazine closed.  All four articles are now provided on-line as a part of TransFaith.  We hope you will find them helpful.

Chris Paige

publisher of TransFaith and
former publisher of The Other Side magazine

The Other Side on Transgender

The following articles were originally published in The Other Side magazine (May-June 2001, Vol. 37, No. 3).

Gender Diversity and Christian Community
Virginia Ramey Mollenkott reflects on Scripture, creation, and current experience as she explores the complexities of gender, asking whether simple poles of "male" and "female" serve us well.

Body and Soul United
Transgender minister Erin Swenson shares her story, and considers the questions it raises for our churches.

Chris Paige reflects on the wisdom that comes when we resist either-or choices in seeking a way to live more authentically.

Finding Common Ground
Robyn Shanor explores how the issues raised by transgender people are similar to -- and different from -- those of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people.