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The Struggle

Thursday 14. of June 2007 A Letter from Linda

If you don't understand how damaging religious intolerance is... or if you don't understand why spiritual resources are relevant to transgender experience... please read this letter.

Category: The Struggle

Thursday 31. of May 2007

Who says it's easy? But we have the power.
The word is not fear,
the word we live.
But an old word suddenly made new,
As we learn it again, as we bring it alive:

Love. Love. Love. Love.

~ May Sarton

Category: The Struggle

Friday 01. of June 2007 Transgendered Christians, Gays and Our Common Bond

Being a transgendered Christian is in many ways similar to being a gay Christian. We face a number of the same issues, and some different issues as well.

Category: The Struggle, LGB related

Monday 11. of August 2008 Balancing Male and Female

I have always believed that at our most evolved human state, we all carry both genders within, just as we carry heart and head, physical and spiritual, youth and old age—in short, we have a wide range of spectrums to experience if we allow ourselves the possibilities.

Category: The Struggle

Wednesday 23. of July 2008 Transgenderism and Religious Narratives

Gender identity disorder... or restrictive cultural traditions? A religious scholar reflects.

Category: The Struggle

Sunday 15. of June 2008 For They Know Not What They Do

Dealing with the ignorant.

Category: The Struggle

Tuesday 27. of May 2008 How to kill a transperson

Category: The Struggle, Violence

Friday 22. of February 2008 Heros Needed

It was a little over a year ago when I sat in a rocking chair in our living room with a handgun in my lap...

Category: The Struggle

Wednesday 20. of February 2008 Sacrifice

Category: The Struggle

Tuesday 12. of February 2008 Ki Tavo - Fine-Tune Your Spiritual Hearing

Category: The Struggle, Jewish stuff

Friday 01. of February 2008 My Life as a Box

Category: The Struggle

Tuesday 22. of January 2008 Strength through Weakness

Category: The Struggle

Saturday 12. of January 2008 Loss and Grief

Category: The Struggle, Transitions

Friday 16. of November 2007 Alice's Story

A true story of how job discrimination leads to transgender mortality.

Category: The Struggle

Saturday 10. of November 2007 What have we to fear?

Category: The Struggle

Wednesday 31. of October 2007 Parashat Shemini - The Way of Strange Fire

Category: Jewish stuff, The Struggle

Saturday 27. of October 2007 Homeland Security

Faith, intolerance, safety -- and a new sense of security.

Category: The Struggle

Tuesday 16. of October 2007 Suicide

So we see that even after successful transition, we still are at risk for despair: from rejection, from loneliness, from an inappropriate sense of guilt or shame for the way we were born.... [but] we are never truly alone.

Category: The Struggle

Tuesday 16. of October 2007 Life In The Leper Colony

I have used the term "black hole" to describe the treatment I have received from pastors, deacons, "good Christian folks" with whom I try to communicate: letters go in, but nothing ever comes back out. I am ignored; I am anathema. Perhaps to them I am contagious.

Category: Faith Reflections, The Struggle

Tuesday 14. of August 2007 Body and Soul United

After sixteen months of contentious discussion and debate, in October 1996 the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta voted to sustain my ordination, making me the first mainline Protestant minister to undergo a gender transition and retain ordination.

Category: The Struggle, Life in the Church - General, Transitions, TF exclusive

Wednesday 18. of July 2007 Why Change Your Sex?

Change is frightening as well as powerful, and transsexuals are frightened by change and long for stability just like everyone else.

Category: The Struggle

Sunday 10. of June 2007 How To Create Self Worth

Often the difference between survival and destruction, self worth is something many transsexuals dream of having. Here is exactly how to actually make it for yourself.

Category: Transexuals, The Struggle

Sunday 10. of June 2007 Beliefs That Can Kill

Beliefs can destroy you and end your quest to become yourself. Indeed, beliefs are one of the major causes of death for transsexuals. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself from yourself.

Category: Transexuals, The Struggle

Sunday 10. of June 2007 Sixteen Years Into Your Future

Joy, Regret, and the ultimate outcome of being post-op

Category: Transexuals, The Struggle, Transitions

Tuesday 05. of June 2007 Transexual Regret

When you know someone who's undergone sex-reassignment surgery, the possibility of regret may feel like the proverbial elephant in the room. But what is the prevalence of regret, and why does regret occur?

Category: The Struggle, Transitions

Friday 01. of June 2007

On occasion
a mushroom will shoulder
through asphalt.
Like an occassional blade of grass
casts aside a slab of stone and rises --
not unlike the stories of Jesus.

And it is every bit as good a story
and worth celebrating,
even though they never heard of Jesus
and are only doing what the living do
when moving towards the light,
against desperate odds.

~ Claudio Mauro

Category: The Struggle

Friday 01. of June 2007 The Way Out

I finally realized He created me this way for His own purposes, and had given me the great blessing of being able to resolve this conflict between body and spirit.

Category: The Struggle

Friday 01. of June 2007 Pride, Shame, Humility

In the stripes were the words, "Celebrate yourself, others will follow."

Category: The Struggle

Friday 01. of June 2007 One Day at a Time

We must live life one step, one day, at a time.

Category: The Struggle

Friday 01. of June 2007 Understanding Guilt

One of the more challenging obstacles on the road to self-acceptance and healthy self expression is the emotion of guilt.

Category: The Struggle

Friday 01. of June 2007 Learning To Fly: A Meditation on Change

When we face change, I think God is often pushing us to the edge of our ledges, asking us to do what we were born to do - 'spread our spiritual and emotional wings and fly'.

Category: The Struggle