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About the Garden

Transfaith's Memorial Garden is first and foremost about remembering our lost loved ones -- about remembering real people whose lives mattered.

We Remember

The Memorial Garden is an accessible and safe place for transgender, gender variant, and gender non-conforming people to express grief and find stepping stones to healing.

We are exploring strategies that allow us to use technology and social media as a way to gather together in support of grieving communities.

We know we can provide simple images and videos that honor our dead without reviewing re-traumatizing details. We are exploring how we might mobilize our networks to remember whole people in the context of their lives. More about the Memorial Response Network

We know that religious communities are often well equipped to respond in times of loss. We are exploring how we might build local, relevant, meaningful connections between transgender communities and well meaning people of faith, particularly in times of loss. More about Memorial Response Resources.

We know that mainstream U.S. culture is ill equipped when it comes to dealing with death, grief, and trauma in our communities. We are exploring ways we might increase capacity and cultural competence to be productively present with one another in times of loss. More about the Memorial Garden Guide.

These strategies emerge out of years of conversation among transgender communities impacted by loss. They are neither a quick fix or comprehensive solution to the challenges our communities face, but they are a way for us to gather, to be present, and to remember.

About the Garden
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