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Transfaith Memorial Garden History

The Transfaith Memorial Garden emerges from years of conversation among transgender communities impacted by loss. Our strategies are neither a quick fix or comprehensive solution to the challenges our communities face, but they are a way for us to gather, to be present, and to remember.

In 2013, Transfaith created TDOR Unite! in partnership with Black Trans Men, Inc, Black Trans Women, Inc, the Transgender People of Color Coalition, and the TransLatina Coalition to promote accessible ways to observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance through online resources.

Those conversations also birthed the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) Toolkit as a way to help broad based communities look closely at what Transgender Day of Remembrance is, who it most impacts, and how we can take those realities seriously.

In 2015, we launched the Transfaith Memorial Garden Facebook group to create a year round space to deal with our grief and loss.

In 2016, we began sharing simple memorial images throughout the year. The overwhelm of losses at the start of 2017, led our staff to reach our in partnership once again.

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