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In 2016 alone, at least 26 trans women, trans men, non-binary, and GNC people have been violently killed in the United States, almost all of them trans women of color. Internationally, the numbers are much higher.

To honor those we have lost, Transfaith has created a slideshow of the fallen, and collected links about dealing with grief, practicing self care, and the vibrant and ongoing activism of Trans people of color, especially Trans women of color.

We know that these numbers cannot capture the losses not named here, those who were lost to suicide, those who died because of medical negligence or poverty, those murdered behind bars.

This TDOR, instead of only memorializing those who are no longer with us, we highlight those fighting to keep us alive.




Recent Additions

A liturgical reading by Malcolm Himschoot

It is simply not enough that the world takes one day (or one month) to be aware that transgender people exist, have real life concerns, and are dying from both neglect and abuse.

A version of the Lord’s Prayer for those who might want to follow this simple way of praying for their transgender brothers, sisters, and siblings.

The Black-OUT awareness initiative is sponsored by Black Trans Men Inc (BTMi) and involves changing your facebook profile picture on November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance. Show your support by being a part of this movement!

J Mase III asks us to make sure our efforts at inclusion are not merely symbolic gestures.

Chris Paige offers a few tips on finding the right tone for your Transgender Day of Remembrance observance.

J Mase III looks at trends in anti-transgender violence and how these realities might impact our organizing.

Angelica Ross helps us think about how we can best serve those who are most vulnerable.

What are the benefits -- and challenges -- of having religious leaders get involved in Transgender Day of Remembrance?

The founder of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, Gwen Smith, reminds us what this day is about.

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