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TDOR Unite!

Transfaith is delighted to be a part of a larger coalition with the Transgender People of Color Coalition, Black Trans Men, Inc, Black Trans Women, Inc, and the Trans Latin@ Coalition.

TDOR Unite! is a multi-racial, multi-faith, multi-generational coalition of people with diverse gender experiences, joining forces beginning in 2013.

We are uniting around our concern for anti-transgender violence -- and the violence against women, particularly transgender women of color, that is so evident on November 20 each year.

We also delight in the spiritual vitality of transgender communities around the world -- with a commitment to unite across lines of age, race, culture, class, nationality, worldview and spiritual tradition.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) Unite invites you to join us for an online Transgender Day of Remembrance observance Sunday, November 17. Our Lives Are Valuable!

The names we read on Transgender Day of Remembrance are not statistics. They are lost loved ones. We gather here, not just to remember their deaths, but even more to honor their lives. Submit a tribute about your loved one.

Be a part of TDOR Unite by uniting to proclaim Our Lives Are Valuable! Submit a photo to TDORunite.tumblr.com and join the ranks of trans* community members who are taking power back this TDOR.

Unite your community with TDOR Unite! by organizing a viewing gathering in your area!

Join TDOR Unite! artists and organizers for a discussion on Twitter on November 19, starting at 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central / 5pm Mountain / 4pm Pacific.

TDOR Unite! supports the Black Trans Advocacy's Black-OUT campaign. On November 20, turn your profile pictures (Facebook, Twitter, etc) black.

TDOR Unite! encourages you to visit the official Transgender Day of Remembrance website to find a local TDOR onservance near you on or around November 20.

TDOR Unite! supports the Transgender Day of Remembrance Toolkit, developed by Transfaith and the Transgender People of Color Coalition. Check it out for critical questions, prayers, and other planning support.

TDOR Unite!