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A Modern Psalm For Those Who Care

by Yadi Martinez


Sitting in a room with curtains drawn, darkness surrounds me all around. It shows the mood I been recently on where the light is not shining and I can’t feel its warmth.

I wonder out loud about the life I chose, the one where no one can truly see a human truth.

Who sits with a person in distress and pain?  No one should see that side of shame.

We work for the people, those around us know.  We work for the people; we show them hope. 

To show emotional distress will give our enemies glee... and our people unrest. So, who sits with the Pastor when one has tears that no one should see? 

Who hears our cries, challenges and pain? Who lifts us up when everyone else has gone away? 

We can’t forever burden our family, so we pretend we are okay. After all, we signed up for the gig and accepted the call, but they just happen to be a part of the journey we are on. 

We smile, we pray, and we hold people up. But sometimes we are dragged down to the ground ourselves.

Like David in sack clothes, laying before God asking for Mercy, Strength, Grace and all.  Who puts their hands on our backs when we are down, to tell us, that all shall be well in all matters and all?

There are those that we can trust who are strong in their faith.  There are other pastors who can help with the pain, because they ALSO understand.  Its not the credentials, the fancy paper and all… we all share the work of the people, we are all responsible if they fall. 

May those who work for the people find peace, a friend who can truly just sit, like Job’s friends. To sit and not tell us what we should feel, but hold us accountable to never give into fear. 

May those who are working serve the people today, know that there is someone praying for them. For I know great Plans I have for you, says the Lord. May we find that person who reminds us it is so.  

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