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Workshop: A Multi-Faith Theology on Moving Beyond Intimate Partner Violence


We are excited about a special workshop J Mase III is offering in collaboration with Transfaith and awQward. This workshop is being offered during Creating Change, but is not a part of the conference and Creating Change registration is not required.

A Multi-Faith Theology on Moving Beyond Intimate Partner Violence

January 21, 2017, 3pm-5pm
55 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

When it comes to dealing with intimate partner violence within scripture and Abrahamic faith communities, responses are often limited by heterosexism, patriarchy and a lack of liberation theologies. What would it look like to have a theological understanding that focused on those who have experienced intimate partner violence? This Trans/Queer centric workshop will use Koran & Bible stories to explore an understanding of the text that does not merely gloss over victims of intimate partner violence, but centers their healing.

Participants should come to this session with the understanding that it is a confidential space that will focus on using the Koran & Bible as tools of liberation from violence. We welcome all folks who have experienced various levels of intimate partner trauma.

With thanks to Arch Street United Methodist Church for providing space.

Click through for more details on how you can connect with Transfaith at Creating Change 2017!


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