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Intersex Voices: Adele Markham (XXY, Klinefelter)


'I always felt like a girl,' said Adele. 'But my parents didn't want to hear it. They had no reason to think I wasn't a boy. My dad was quite old fashioned and he expected me to act like a rowdy boy and play football. But I'd rather play with dolls like my sisters.

By the time Adele reached 14 she had still not been through male puberty and her worried parents took her to see a specialist to ask how they could make her more masculine.

Read more: The little boy with rare genetic disorder who fought for 20 years to be a woman (Daily Mail, January 2011)

Adele has XXY chromosomes and was assigned male gender at birth. In this video (80% girl, 20% boy), she pursues gender transition to female.


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