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Believe Out Loud highlights the new Transfaith Memorial Garden


Believe Out Loud published an interview with Transfaith executive director, Chris Paige, on April 16, 2015. The interview provides a more in depth look at the Transfaith Memorial Garden and how it came to be.

The interview starts off with the basics,

the losses of transgender communities come by many means—and grief shapes our lives all year round. So the Transfaith Memorial Garden is a place where people can come at any time to be in community to share stories, sadness and encouragement. It is a simple Facebook group, where we make space for our grief, remember lives well lived, and claim the deep resilience that comes when we gather together.

and goes on to describe some of how the Facebook group works.

The interview goes on to dig into dynamics of grief in transgender communities and how this group might help.

We live in a society that is addicted to "success" and "positive thinking" and "moving on," but grief is not a problem in need of a solution... Some have even argued that grief, like love, is a revolutionary skill that needs to be learned.

Paige goes on to mention the passing of Blake Brockington and Charlene Arcila as formative events,

Neither Blake nor Charlene died from what we normally characterize as anti-trans violence. But I am quite sure that both would have lived longer if the world was a more loving and accepting place. It's not just the quality of our lives that are impacted by poverty, inadequate health care, losing our housing, losing our jobs, or being ridiculed. Those stresses also take years off of our lives.

 The last section of the interview offers an invitation to Christian Faith Leaders who may be reading,

Healthy faith communities have great strengths in this area, including lots of long-standing traditions designed to support the grieving process. But sometimes the place where we get stuck is forgetting to take the time to do our own grieving. You may not have known Blake or Charlene, but there is still grief work that all of us need to be engaged in, so that our activism and relationships are emotionally well-grounded.

Read the entire interview: Transfaith Memorial Garden Provides Space To Grieve Loss


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