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Center for American Progress highlights Asher Kolieboi and Alex Patchin McNeill as "faith leaders to watch"


In January 2016, the Center for American Progress (CAP) included Asher Kolieboi and Alex Patchin McNeill as 2 of 16 "faith leaders to watch in 2016." CAP describes the list this way:

The convergence of social justice movements and the upcoming 2016 elections has put an intense spotlight on injustice. ...a range of justice issues—including racial justice, LGBT and women’s equality, climate change, income inequality, religious freedom, and more. People of faith are working on all of these issues, individually and collectively. ...This year, even more faith-based voices are likely to speak out and stand up for a more just nation and world. Here are 16 leaders and groups to watch in 2016.

A 2015 Vanderbilt Divinity grad, Asher Kolieboi, was highlighted for his multi-facted leadership in a number of areas.

With great exposure to Millennials, LGBT, and racial justice advocates, Kolieboi’s activism has had a ripple effect well beyond any single population.

Meanwhile, Alex Patchin McNeill was recognized for his breakthrough appointment and work as executive director of More Light Presbyterians.

McNeill is the first openly transgender person at the helm of a mainline Protestant institution, bringing years of experience as an educator and advocate for LGBT Christians to the helm of More Light Presbyterians, or MLP—an organization working for full inclusion for LGBT people in the Presbyterian Church and society at large.

Check out the full list at 16 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2016 on the Center for American Progress website.


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