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Community Interview: Tayven Davis



Editor’s Note: Transfaith’s Senior Program Developer Louis Mitchell sits down with fitness and graphic design professional, father, and veteran Tayven Davis at the 2016 Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

How would you describe your spiritual or philosophical perspective?

I believe there's a higher being. I know there is a creator of some sort, but I've also intertwined that the universe has an effect on certain things.

How have your spiritual or philosophical perspectives evolved over time? What kind of opportunities and challenges have shaped your perspective?

Just growing and connecting with people of different spiritual and religious beliefs. I was always raised in the church so I knew there’s a God, there's a Jesus and that he died on the cross - that's all I knew. Once I began to interact with other people, I incorporated that the universe and what you do, what you put out, also has an effect on your outcome. It's not all based on "Well this happened because God wanted it to happen." No, it happened because he wanted you to go through that, but it also happened because of what your response was to what was put upon you.

How does your spiritual or philosophical perspective relate to your work in the world?

They are intertwined. As I've gotten older, I’ve realized that the things my mother has taught me and the things I've seen in church have really started to make sense. Because I was brought up in the church, when I'm going through something I don’t feel like I need to run to someone else, or run to a bible. I literally dedicate that moment to listening to a gospel song or listening to a gospel sermon. The sermon I pick is the one I need to hear and I get something from it. I don't know my Bible. I know the books. I don't know all of them in order but I can sit there and give you scriptures to go with what you're going through. I try to put them together because I know that most everything I go through is intertwined with religion. That's why I tell people no matter who you pray to or who you speak to, this is what for some reason I'm supposed to tell you.

Tayven Davis, 32 yrs old was born and raised in South Carolina. He served his country for 8 yrs in the United States Marine Corps. He relocated to Texas almost 6 yrs ago and it has totally changed his life. He is the proud father of two boys. He is an a fitness and graphic design professional on the rise with two businesses to launch soon. He has a strong belief and faith that God is the beginning and the end. His favorite scripture is Psalms 105:15 which reads, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm because what god has predestined to you and for you no one shall deter."


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