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Sean Saifa Wall on Nightline ABC


Nightline ABC (March 2015) aired a segment in which Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC) President Sean Saifa Wall courageously confronted his childhood surgeon on a segment of Nightline ABC last week.

AIC worked with producers at Nightline for more than a year because they understand that intersex is a complex topic that is easily misunderstood, especially in a brief segment. Likewise, GLAAD worked with AIC to prepare people for interviews in the Nightline segment.

The segment brought attention to the difficulty that intersex people face, especially within the medical community, but fell short of providing a full and accurate understand of the range of intersex conditions, even choosing to inaccurately define intersex as "being born with both male and female genitals." The reality is that intersex is a set of over 40 conditions that may impact someone's physical, hormonal, or chromosomal makeup.

However, AIC reviewed and re-edited the segment to provide corrections and further explanation for the claims that were made.

Read a response to the segment from Pidgeon Pagonis: Confronting Goliath Without a Stone (March 2015)

Source: GLAAD


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