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Introducing Transfaith's 2017 Youth Writing Fellows


Join Transfaith in welcoming two Youth Writing Fellows into the fold for the summer of 2017! Youth Writing Fellows will write original articles and inspiring interviews. New content from our Fellows will appear every Wednesday in July and August. Interested in information about Transfaith’s paid Editorial Fellowship Program? Sign-up for notifications or email our Managing Editor directly at cyreejarelle (at) transfaith (dot) info .


Habló Rodríguez-Williams

Habló Rodríguez-Williams a proud Mexican and Colombian gender queer warrior, who is a radical, intersectional feminist, activist, published poet and organizer. Who speaks publicly and recites poetry with emphasis on decolonizing constructs of gender and emphasizes the resilience of women and queer/trans/non-binary folks of color.


Hablo actively works to deconstruct their forced assimilation by getting in touch with their ancestral roots and by engaging in communal, decolonial, radical, queer of color, Latinx, coalitional spaces as a means of remembering and embracing the power and wisdom passed down by their ancestors. As a low-income, queer Latinx, Hablo writes to encourage other Latinx, to be one with their power.


Mud Howard

Mud Howard is a white, non-binary trans poet who believes in the healing power of the selfie. Mud writes creative non-fiction, lyrical essays and really good international love letters. They write about witches and ghouls, the inadequacy of the binary, covert toxic masculinity in the queer community and the big blue ocean. You can find their work in THEM literary journal, The Lifted Brow, Black Napkin Press, and Cleaver Magazine. Mud is so excited to collaborate with Transfaith for this monumental fellowship.




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