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LGBT Religious Archives Network adds oral history from Barbara Satin


In February 2016, a new oral history interview was posted on the LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) web site, featuring Barbara Satin. For almost 20 years, Barbara has been a leader and spokesperson on transgender concerns in the United Church of Christ and in wider ecumenical circles. In her work on aging concerns, she spearheaded the construction of an LGBT senior housing project in Minneapolis, MN. She continues her activism as Assistant Faith Work Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force. You can read or listen to Barbara's story online.

Barbara's profile joins the Rev. Sky Anderson, who was added in 2013. Sky was the first (in 1979) openly transgender clergy ordained in the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). His interview dramatically records Anderson's long and excruciating journey to come to grips with his gender identity as well as to live out his faith. After finally embracing being transgender and an MCC clergy, Anderson breaks new ground in ministry and becomes an advocate for--and creates family with--persons with developmental disabilities. You can read or listen to Sky's interview online.

Dr. Virginia Mollenkott is also present in the oral history gallery, though much of that material reflects her earlier year when she was known as a feminist, then lesbian theologian -- her before the 2001 publication of Omnigender.

The LGBT Religious Archives Network is a small non-profit that depends on volunteer contributions to build their profile gallery. Many transgender pioneers are represented there -- but even more are missing!  Please consider sending your own profile or working with those who have influenced you to make sure that they are represented.  The submission process is quite simple and is outlined on their website.


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