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New Transfaith Facebook Features


Transfaith has been expanding our presence on Facebook. The main Facebook page for Transfaith now includes a cycle of daily and weekly posts:

  • A #DailyPrayer from @RevSean each morning
  • A listing for an upcoming event each morning
  • Content for #MemorialMonday, #TuesdayTips, #ThrowbackThursday, #FollowFriday, and #SuccessSunday

The new Transfaith Event Alerts Facebook group is a quick reference resource for those who want to make sure that they see all of our event listings. We also accept suggestions for upcoming events that we might want to list!

The new Trans* Quotes by Transfaith Facebook group is another quick reference resource for those who want to catch all of the quotes we post.

The Transfaith Memorial Garden Facebook group is an effort to make space for our grief, to remember lives well lived, and to claim the deep resilience that comes when we gather together.

Transfaith for Intersex Concerns Facebook group is the first of several expected (inter)national caucus groups. This group for people with intersex conditions and its allied sibling group, "Intersex Awareness (by Transfaith)," will work to address the needs of people with intersex conditions.

Other regional and national networking Facebook groups are also in formation.




On the Move

Our executive director, Rev Louis Mitchell, reflects on World AIDS Day: Memories, Joy, and Pain.

Transfaith board member, Yadi Martinez, was interviewed on Wednesday about how gendered expectations impact young people

We celebrate the ordination of Transfaith's executive director, Louis James Irving Mitchell, at South Congregational Church in Springfield, MA on September 23, 2018

In the News

Upasika tree (aka Cleis Abeni) explains Dharma Day while remembering the blessed life of a young Buddhist named Alphy who was killed in 1999.

Mariette Pathy Allen's 2017 photobook highlights the lived experiences of T/GNC spirit mediums in Thailand and Burma

"It really felt like [the Episcopal Church] had our back!" TransEpiscopal marks a historic year at the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church.