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Trans & Muslim Solidarity Link Round-Up



Ramadan may be over for 2017, but solidarity with trans Muslims is still incredibly important in these frightening times. Although Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban from six majority Muslim countries has been trampled in court, what was originally touted as a temporary spike in violence against Muslims has proven to be a troubling, long-term investment in Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism.


Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency cemented long-standing antagonism towards American Muslims, evidenced by a significant spike in hate crimes - including the murder of Ben Keita and a spate of mosque burnings. 2016 saw 101 anti-Muslim hate crime, a new record according to Southern Poverty Law Center. Following the abduction, rape, and murder of   seventeen year old Nabra Hassanen, who was assaulted while walking to her mosque with other teens, solidarity with Muslims is more necessary than ever.


Muslim communities are under attack on a global scale. This climate of antagonism will have the greatest impact for those already marginalized, including transgender Muslims. It is essential for non-Muslims to learn how to be in solidarity with Muslims through active listening and self education. Here a round-up of resources on how to join in struggle with targeted Muslim communities, Muslim voices, and organizations that serve queer and trans Muslims.


From Transfaith

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Trans and Muslim Project

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About Ramadan

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Muslim Voices

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For transgender community, a search for faith and acceptance

Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity

As a trans Muslim, I used to feel vulnerable all the time

How a Transgender Man Tries to Honor His Muslim Faith




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