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Trans Unitarian Universalist Professionals Hold Historic Gathering


Transgender Religious professional Unitarian Universalists Together (TRUUsT) is celebrating the completion of their inaugural retreat, held in Pacific Grove, California from  April 11th through 14th. Founded in 2004 by Mr. Barb Greve and Rev. Sean Parker Dennison, TRUUsT

provides support to trans religious professionals in Unitarian Universalism and works to challenge oppression in UU and the world at large.

Facilitated by renowned trans elder and activist Kate Bornstein, the retreat was attended by fifteen ministers, ministerial candidates, and religious educators of transgender and genderqueer experience and was the direct result of a decade of planning between Dennison and Greve and was funded by grants from the UU Funding Program and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The retreat featured programming celebrating the oral histories, leadership and sacrifices of UU trans ministers past, and existing multi-generational representation at the retreat itself.

A highlight of the retreat was the worship led by Reverends Sofia Betancourt and Rosemary Bray McNatt, also representing Finding Our Way Home, a community of UU religious professionals of color, which celebrated their first retreat 10 years ago.

Another feature of the retreat was honoring Mr. Barb Greve for his 20 years of service as he stepped down from his position on the TRUUsT steering committee.

The retreat was concluded with a conversation between the attendees and two representatives from the Unitarian Universalist Association who were attendance to discuss the immediate needs of the trans UU community.

According to Zr. Alex Kapitan, attendee and author of the article,

Not only was this gathering a historic occasion and the manifestation of years of organizing, it also marked a rebirth of TRUUsT as an organization. Where previously TRUUsT was primarily composed as a steering committee representing the needs of trans UU religious professionals, now it is fully an organization—or more accurately, a family—of trans UU religious professionals with a steering committee to provide leadership. To support this shift, Kate Bornstein offered to extend her services to TRUUsT for a full year in an advisory capacity.

TRUUsT extends an invitation to UU religious professionals on the Trans* spectrum to learn more and join by contacting Rev. Sean Dennison at minister (at) treeoflifeuu (dot) org.

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