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Transfaith at BTAC 2018


I've finally fully returned from the Black Trans Advocacy Conference. What a whirlwind experience it's been again!

This gathering, the 7th annual conference, is a blend of educational conference, party, family reunion and networking. But more than that, it is an oasis in a world that so often doesn't see us, demeans us, seeks to discredit and destroy. This time together feels sacred from the opening through the closing. It feels healing, holy, joyous, vulnerable and anchoring.

Transfaith again was honored to lead the closing gathering. In past years, we've used symbolism of seeds, water, rocks and cloth. This year we used the refining and illuminating nature of fire.

Our elders, the Golden Flames, lit their red candles, symbolizing both love and loss, and from their flames, we were invited to prepare and light our wicks - lifting up that which we needed burned away and that which who hoped would be illuminated in the coming year.

There were tears of joy and sadness. There were commitments to self and community. And there was love and hope.

Transfaith continues to be a part of this important conference and hopes to remain deeply relevant in the energetic/spiritual lives of our kindred who attend and their families.

With gratitude,

Louis Mitchell (with the Transfaith team)
Executive Director


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