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Transfaith in Transition


Over the last 2 years, it has been a blessing and a privilege to work closely with Louis Mitchell and five Transfaith board members to shape a foundation for Transfaith as an organization. Among these relationships, we have shared hopes and struggles, both personal and professional.  It has been the tender work of finding the heart of an organization -- what we lovingly call the "Transfaith family."

Transfaith began in 1999 as a personal website project -- and even when I started to work more actively among transgender communities in 2007, I didn't have a big strategic plan for where this work would lead. However, as relationships unfolded over several years, it became clear that this was not just "my" work, but "our" work -- which meant we needed to build an organization.

Transfaith has been at the forefront of transgender religious/spiritual organizing for more than a decade, yet we are still a budding new organization, full of promise. In the last two years, we have clarified mission, vision, and values. We have worked on branding and applied for trademark registration, as well as all of those details necessary to employ staff and maintain good policy.

With that foundation in place, we are now working to extend the circle of Transfaith leadership in a number of ways to meet the needs of this new day. We are currently seeking board members, committee members, and other volunteers to share leadership of this growing organization.

  • The board of directors will remain small, maintaining critical legal obligations, but we are also imagining a larger "wisdom council" to help us strategize about growth, build relationships, and expand community engagement. The specific role of the "Wisdom Council" will be evolving through conversations this fall.
  • We are also excited to build up our committee work, especially around communications, fundraising, and community engagement. Having skilled leadership for our finance and personnel committees also remains a high priority.
  • With programming expanding in several directions, there are also many other opportunities to support the work of Transfaith. We need
    • Writers to help transition our website from old to new.
    • Educators to help us develop further programming for the Transfaith Institute.
    • Social media gurus to help us engage transgender communities broadly.
    • Friends all over the country who can help us be present and understand the needs of diverse communities.

We are currently seeking nominations for volunteers who are willing to lend their talent for this next stage of our journey together as Transfaith

Transfaith is strengthened by the participation of people of diverse gender experiences, including, but not limited to transgender, gender non-conforming, and Two-Spirit identities. We also value contributions from our family, friends, and allies.

People of color are especially encouraged to inquire, as well as people who follow a worldview or spiritual path other than Christianity.

Submit your nomination now!


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