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Transfaith Leadership Changes!


On behalf of the Transfaith Board of Directors and the entire team, I am thrilled to share the that we've reconfigured our management structure and we've relocated to new offices!

Chris Paige is now our Operations Director and Louis Mitchell is our new Executive Director! We are excited that each of them has agreed to their new roles and will continue to bring their talents, hearts and minds to the tasks of serving our communities with care, thoughtfulness and vision.

As we prepare to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Transfaith as an organization, we celebrate adding Louis to the too few number of trans people of color helming national organizations! Our goal of being very intentional in our composition, elevation and leadership continues!

Meanwhile, our new offices are located in Summit Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. In addition to them being a warm and welcoming space, it allows us the opportunity to have more in person gatherings on site, to further our support of institutions that wish to learn more about our communities.

We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support and hope that you'll continue to support us financially and energetically as we move forward.

We have two requests--join us in celebrating Louis and Chris and their ongoing commitment to Transfaith, commit to financially supporting the mission of Transfaith and find a way to personally be involved in our journey!

Jamie Goddard
Board Chair


On the Move

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