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Transfaith Memorial Garden on Facebook


There are many memorials in November for transgender and gender non-conforming people who die violent deaths. However, our losses come by many means--and grief shapes transgender communities all year round.

The Transfaith Memorial Garden on Facebook is an effort to make space for our grief, to remember lives well lived, and to claim the deep resilience that comes when we gather together.

Transfaith will share daily posts touching on relevant themes. Participants are encouraged to post to the group to let us know who you are remembering or what is on your heart. This is a gathering place where we need not be ashamed of our grief and pain.

We are stronger together. As you are able, please consider joining us in the Transfaith Memorial Garden.

Transfaith does not act as a service provider offering grief counseling, but participants are encouraged to respond (appropriately) to one another's posts. Offerings of poetry, prayer, and other similar responses are especially welcome.

Transfaith is a multi-faith community. Meaningful offerings from diverse spiritual or philosophical perspectives are very welcome, as long as they are offered with appropriate sensitivity.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/966740983337479/




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