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Transfaith partners with "Transgender and Religion" on Facebook


Transfaith is pleased to announce our partnership with Yvo Manuel Vas Dias and his "Transgender and Religion" group on Facebook. Transfaith is now sharing stories about how transgender people are engaging religious traditions; how religious traditions are engaging us; and how transgender people are engaging the world as people of faith. Articles will be posted several times a week.

"Transgender people have always been a part of religious traditions," says Chris Paige, Executive Director of Transfaith, "but we are now in a season when transgender concerns are getting a lot more attention -- for better or worse."

Since 2009, Yvo Manuel Vas Dias (based in the Netherlands), has been using social media to create spaces for people to connect under the umbrella of his Working Group on Transgender, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics.

"We were already working with Yvo on the 'Trans* People and Their Faith' Facebook group" says Paige. "This seemed like a natural extension of something that was already working. This is a way for us to highlight a slightly different kind of content."

Both Transfaith and the Working Group on Transgender, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics are multi-faith organizations, so we will be sharing articles about a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions. 

The same articles will NOT (UPDATED) also be posted on the main Transfaith Facebook page, but Facebook groups give people more flexibility in how to be notified about articles when they are posted.

UPDATED (3/27/2017): Transfaith is updating our Facebook and Twitter strategies. Articles will continue to be posted in "Transgender and Religion" but may not show up on the main Transfaith feeds, unless we choose to highlight them as a priority.


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