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Transgender Religious Movements on the Huffington Post

by Chris Paige


The article, "Transgender Religious Movements Grow as More Religious Groups Ordain and Welcome 'T' in LGBT" by Jaweed Kahleem in the Huffington Post, covers a lot of ground, while highlighting the work of Transfaith. It ran as a lead article in the Huffington Post Religion section today (6/30/2013).

This article follows up an appearance by David Weekley on Huffington Post LIVE (summary).

Opening with David's story, Jaweed goes on to draw a contrast between transgender spiritual organizing and LGB religious activity (including work around marriage equality).

Noting the lack of even statistics on transgender spirituality or religiosity, Jaweed highlights the work of Transfaith with comments from executive director, Chris Paige. Despite a brief tip of the hat to non-institutional spirituality, the article focuses mainly on Christianity with a few mentions of Jewish and Muslim encounters.

The article closes with some of the story of Nicole Garcia, one of the board members of Transfaith. She is quoted as saying, "But the message of Jesus was not exclusion, it was inclusion. Jesus said 'come to me.' There were no asterisks," she says. "How can we exclude anybody from the church?"

Read the full article at Huffington Post: Transgender Religious Movements Grow as More Religious Groups Ordain and Welcome 'T' in LGBT" by Jaweed Kahleem

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