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Gender Concepts

by StarChild

The First Concept

"My true gender is determined by my mind and heart; only I can say what my true gender is."

The Second Concept

"There is no shame in having a diverse gender identity, instead who I am is something to be celebrated!"

The Third Concept

"Not everyone will accept me for who I truly am genderwise, but if I accept myself fully and completely I will find all the power I need to live out my gender the way I need to do it."

The Fourth Concept

"I not only have the power and the right to change the things in my life which I determine I need to change, including my body if need be, I also have a responsibility to myself to do so."

The Fifth Concept

"I truly am who I become through the changes I implement in my life,
including what sex I am."

The Sixth Concept

"Embracing who I am now does not negate who I have been and the journey I have made, I always will be the person who embraced both celebration of my true self and change of my temporal self."

The Seventh Concept

"Being a person of diverse gender is not a curse, but a gift! I stand between worlds as a blessed one who out of my blessing blesses others simply by being my true self."

This article is reprinted from StarChild's now defunct website. If anyone knows how to contact StarChild, please contact me.  Thanks!

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Gender Concepts