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Christian Traditions

Our Christian Traditions section includes resources and reflections from a variety of Christian perspectives, including Catholic and Orthodox, Mainline Protestant, Anabaptist, Black Church, Mormon, and many more.

In the News

Transfaith talks to activist, transgender services coordinator, and case manager Socorro Moreland at the 2016 Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

Transfaith speaks with anointed minister, educator, and drummer-musician Carmarion D. Anderson at the 2016 Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

Transfaith sits down with fitness and graphic design professional, father, and veteran Tayven Davis.

Community Interview from BTAC 2016 with Angela Green, Director of Health Promotion Programs at AIDS Project of the East Bay.

Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi expands her thoughts from this week's 5Q with a nuanced look at what is to be gained, and lost, from The Spiritual Practice of Saying No.

Transfaith speaks to Goddess, performance artist, writer, and advocate Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi.

Chapter one of Lei Ming's Life Beyond My Body, a groundbreaking narrative exploring transitions of gender and faith in China.

Lei Ming, author of Life Beyond My Body, discusses becoming Christian and serving God as an artist.

TransEpiscopal has formalized its long-term relationship with Transfaith by becoming our newest Organizational Partner

Youth worker, Yadi Martinez, responds to our "5 Questions" profile.

Resources and Reflections

Reflections from a care giver who struggles

Barbara Satin receives historic appointment by President Obama to the Advisory Council on Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships

Rev. Debra Hopkins (and others) have been taking a vocal role in North Carolina politics around HB2, ever since Charlotte passed its non-discrimination policy.

Barbara Satin joins Sky Anderson and Virginia Mollenkott in the LGBT RAN Oral History Gallery.

In January 2016, the Center for American Progress included Asher Kolieboi and Alex Patchin McNeill as 2 of 16 "faith leaders to watch in 2016"

Rhonda Dinwiddie is an ordained elder at Hollywood Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Hollywood, CA.

Transfaith announces that the United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion (UMATI) is helping to launch Transfaith's new organizational partners program.

The first prominent case involving transgender clergy in the United Methodist Church.

Transgender Caucus groups don't just arise out of thin air. This piece shares a brief timeline around the founding and development of United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion.

Responses to our 5 Questions Profile from recently deceased Minister Charlene Jacqueline Arcila-Ecks. May her memory be a blessing.

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