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Getting Started: Transgender and Christian

The Transfaith Trans Basics section includes some quick reference items to assist in gaining understanding of transgender experiences. It includes a 20 minute video (not faith based), which provides an excellent, audio-visual overview.

For some Christians, the question "Is it a sin?" is of utmost importance. If this is one of your concerns, we have a section that wrestles with those questions.

This free, 27-min video was produced for the Episcopal Church, but speaks easily to the stories of many Christian transgender people. It is a well done, introduction touching on the ways that faith journeys and gender journeys intersect.

This 90-minute feature-length documentary is available online for free and follows a twenty-five year-old seminary student as he explores faith, love, and gender identity. Cameos by other notable transgender people help to broaden the picture painted by the United Church of Christ with this film.

The May-June 2001 issue (Vol. 37, No. 3) of progressive Christian magazine, The Other Side, included pioneering cluster of four articles (available free online) relating to transgender issues, with authors Virginia Mollenkott, Erin Swenson, Chris Paige, and Robyn Shaynor, considering both personal and theological concerns.

Going Deeper

  • A number of practical resources have been developed giving tips to faith communities on how to be more welcoming.
  • A variety of useful study resources are available to assist you in guiding conversations and study groups within your congregation.
  • Trans-Gendered: Theology, Ministry and Communities of Faith by Justin Tanis - In this 210-page book from Pilgrim Press, Rev. Tanis addresses. transgender issues, including basic definitions, scripture, community life, and theological ramifications. 2003.
  • Omnigender: A Trans-Religious Approach by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott - In this 223-page book from Pilgrim Press, biblical scholar, Dr. Virginia Mollenkott, deconstructs the "binary gender construct," reviewing biological, cultural, and theological issues in the process. 2001, revised and expanded 2007.

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