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Transgender and Black Church Traditions

In the News

Transfaith Youth Writing Fellow mud howard interviews writer, poet, and interrogator jayy dodd.

Open letter from Youth Fellow Mud Howard on trans people who condemn religion from a position of privilege.

Rev. Debra Hopkins (and others) have been taking a vocal role in North Carolina politics around HB2, ever since Charlotte passed its non-discrimination policy.

Rev. Yeshua Holiday reflects on the first March for Transgender Visibility and Rights took place in Nashville, TN.

Spoken word artist, J Mase III, takes on Joseph from Genesis in "Josephine,"a spoken word YouTube post.

In "When did you know?" on the Association of Welcoming Baptists blog, Louis Mitchell reflects on how he came to terms with his identity, but needed help from a pastor to talk to his Momma.

Elder trans woman, Monica Roberts, maintains a blog that extends far beyond religion and spirituality, but speaks very much from the intersection of Black Church tradition and Transgender experience.

The Transcendence Gospel Choir is a historic and pioneering ministry of the City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco, CA. Transcendence is the first transgender Gospel choir and was also highlighted in a documentary called The Believers.

Resources and Reflections

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Finding Each Other

TPOCC is an important partner in transgender organizing and maintains a liaison for religious affairs.

TransSaints is an online network connecting Transgender faith community leaders, clergy seminarians and other leaders (deacons, ministers, etc) together for training empowerment mentoring and peer support with a a focus on developing a significant network that can speak to and for the Transgender community resulting in change in attitude, policy, welcome and equal rights for Transgender persons.