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Transgender and Mainline Protestant Traditions

Mainline Protestant traditions generally include Baptist, United Church of Christ, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and Episcopalian traditions.

In the News

Transfaith board member, Yadi Martinez, was interviewed on Wednesday about how gendered expectations impact young people

"It really felt like [the Episcopal Church] had our back!" TransEpiscopal marks a historic year at the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Transfaith Board Member, RJ Robles, speaks on Pride and being a Christian minister in the South

PCUSA General Assembly unanimously passes three resolutions on gender, LGBT ministry, and religious liberty on consent agenda

Open letter from Youth Fellow Mud Howard on trans people who condemn religion from a position of privilege.

TransEpiscopal has formalized its long-term relationship with Transfaith by becoming our newest Organizational Partner

Barbara Satin receives historic appointment by President Obama to the Advisory Council on Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships

Barbara Satin joins Sky Anderson and Virginia Mollenkott in the LGBT RAN Oral History Gallery.

In January 2016, the Center for American Progress included Asher Kolieboi and Alex Patchin McNeill as 2 of 16 "faith leaders to watch in 2016"

Transfaith announces that the United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion (UMATI) is helping to launch Transfaith's new organizational partners program.

The first prominent case involving transgender clergy in the United Methodist Church.

Transgender Caucus groups don't just arise out of thin air. This piece shares a brief timeline around the founding and development of United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion.

Highlighting the Rev Drew Phoenix's historic journey with the United Methodist Church

"Five Questions for Transgender Chaplain Cameron Partridge" by Lauren Markoe in the Religion News Service inadvertently engages us around the misgendering of transgender people.

In "OtherWise," Chris Paige reflects on the wisdom that comes when we resist either-or choices in seeking a way to live more authentically.

In "Body and Soul United," transgender minister Erin Swenson shares her story, and considers the questions it raises for our churches.

Resources and Reflections

This free, 27-min video was produced for the Episcopal Church, but speaks easily to the stories of many Christian transgender people. It is a well done, introduction touching on the ways that faith journeys and gender journeys intersect.

This 90-minute feature-length documentary is available online for free and follows a twenty-five year-old seminary student as he explores faith, love, and gender identity. Cameos by other notable transgender people help to broaden the picture painted by the United Church of Christ with this film.

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