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Eastern Traditions

Our Eastern Traditions section includes resources and reflections coming out of Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, and Confucian traditions, as well as yoga practice.

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Recent Additions

Transfaith speaks to Neo-Pagan shaman, educator, priest, and activist Raven Kaldera, author of Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook.

Acknowledging this imperfect clustering of traditions -- and the wealth of wisdom represented here.

Transfaith sat down with actress and activist Maya Jafer to talk about finding faith in new places and changing the focus of the transgender movement. Her art and social justice work excite us, and we know it’ll excite you too.

Shaun Bartone talks about using "Developing Trans Competence: A Guide for Meditation and Retreat Centers" to help educate two sanghas.

Ellie Krug’s discusses her journey to self-acceptance in this article from Lion's Roar Magazine (formerly Shambhala Sun)

Jey Ehrenhalt writes about Buddhism and genderqueer identity in this article from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Finn Schubert of trans*Buddhists answers our "5 Questions" Profile

Trans*Buddhists offers study resource -- Developing Trans*Competence: A Short Guide to Improving Transgender Experiences at Meditation and Retreat Centers

The Transfaith Trans Basics section includes some quick reference items to assist in gaining understanding of transgender experiences. It includes a 20 minute video (not faith based), which provides an excellent, audio-visual overview.

Miss Angelica Ross reflects on how embracing her buddhanature helped her to release shame and accept her urge to relieve suffering in the world.

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