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Upasika tree (aka Cleis Abeni) explains Dharma Day while remembering the blessed life of a young Buddhist named Alphy who was killed in 1999.

Mariette Pathy Allen's 2017 photobook highlights the lived experiences of T/GNC spirit mediums in Thailand and Burma

A meditation in three parts from transgender Buddhist, Lu Lam, for times like these...

Acknowledging this imperfect clustering of traditions -- and the wealth of wisdom represented here.

Announcing a new partnership between Transfaith and Trans*Buddhists

The story of a transgender performer in Bharatanatyam -- one of India’s oldest and most revered forms of dance

Shaun Bartone talks about using "Developing Trans Competence: A Guide for Meditation and Retreat Centers" to help educate two sanghas.

Angelica Ross provides words of comfort and encouragement for 12 year old Trinity (and Trinity's mother) after online bullying

Ellie Krug’s discusses her journey to self-acceptance in this article from Lion's Roar Magazine (formerly Shambhala Sun)

Jey Ehrenhalt writes about Buddhism and genderqueer identity in this article from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

LAST CALL: A new Trans Buddhist Anthology is calling for submissions of non-fiction prose, essays, stories, poetry, comics, and memoirs.

Trans*Buddhists offers study resource -- Developing Trans*Competence: A Short Guide to Improving Transgender Experiences at Meditation and Retreat Centers

Angelica Ross is getting a lot of attention these days after appearance on the Daily Show and HerStory.

Teo Drake profiled by Yoga International in December 2015, featuring an edited excerpt from his essay, "Yoga on the Margins"

In "India's 'third gender': A marginalised social class" from Al Jazeera, we get a brief introduction to the indigenous hijra identity of continental India -- in both historical and contemporary perspective.

The Transfaith Trans Basics section includes some quick reference items to assist in gaining understanding of transgender experiences. It includes a 20 minute video (not faith based), which provides an excellent, audio-visual overview.

David Weekley, Chris Paige, and Nicole Garcia in "Transgender Religious Movements Grow as More Religious Groups Ordain and Welcome 'T' in LGBT" on the Huffington Post

Miss Angelica Ross reflects on how embracing her buddhanature helped her to release shame and accept her urge to relieve suffering in the world.

Qui Dorian talks about his passion for yoga and his dream of seeing a queer/trans/brown/round yoga studio in every community in 'A New Year’s Resolution for Queer and Trans People of Color: Forget the Gym, Occupy Yoga Studios' on QWOC Media

Angelica Ross launches her personal website (MissRoss.com) with insights on Creativity, Spirit, and Leadership.

This workbook from Raven Kaldera explores both spiritual history and our modern predicaments, with group exercises, community service project suggestions, rituals, and interviews with people from all over both the transgender spectrum.

Jack Cooper reflects on Bodhi Day and the "roar within" in "Bodhi Day: A Transgender Buddhist's Note of Gratitude."

In "A Trans Guy Walks into a Yoga Class... Score" in Original Plumbing, Nick Krieger talks about challenges (and strategies) for transgender men exploring yoga.

This blog entry from Zander Keig's Tao of Transition in 2007 encourages us to embrace paradox with a playful response.

This blog entry from Zander Keig's Tao of Transition in 2007 encourages us to question and reflect upon the words and phrases used/applied to the experiences, identities, connections and feelings that make up this thing we call life.

This blog entry from Zander Keig's Tao of Transition in 2007 encourages us to experience gender for ourselves, instead of relying on inheirited assumptions and borrowed notions.

Zander's Tao of Transition blog from 2007 has been set aside for the time being, but even incomplete, it offers many insights. This opening blog entry is reprinted with permission.

In "The Spirit of Transgender," a classic text from the late 1990s, Holly Boswell issues a call to spiritual exploration, synthesizing Indigenous, Pagan, and Taoist insights with modern authors and contemporary transgender experience.

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