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Transfaith board member, Yadi Martinez, was interviewed on Wednesday about how gendered expectations impact young people

Mariette Pathy Allen's 2017 photobook highlights the lived experiences of T/GNC spirit mediums in Thailand and Burma

Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Dominic Bradley kicks off our Suicide Prevention Month with a frank discussion of suicide, faith, and social justice.

Youth Writing Fellow Habló Rodríguez-Williams advocates for decolonial spiritual practices.

The story of a transgender performer in Bharatanatyam -- one of India’s oldest and most revered forms of dance

Coming in at just under 2 minutes, this video puts Ty Defoe's hoop dance at the 2016 BAAITS Pow Wow in the spotlight.

Lynn Young explores the term "Two Spirit" and what it has means both in Lynn's life and for Transfaith.

Transfaith is seeking Indigenous and Two Spirit voices -- writing, video, poetry, and ritual relating to gender experiences. The call is distributed as a PDF.

Cathy White of Drexel University's The Triangle (student newspaper) writes about Harlan Pruden's and Sheldon Raymore's presentation on the history of Indigenous Peoples, and specifically on Two Spirit people. A full video is also available, including the Native dance demonstration.

In "Be Proud to be OUT: An Interview with Two of the Volunteers of NativeOUT," by Collestipher Chatto interviews NativeOUT volunteers, Terra Mathews-Hartwell (Tsimshian/Carrier) and Louva Hartwell (Diné) for the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) for the IAIA Chronicle.

New movie, Drunktown's Finest, promises to explore the lives of contemporary Nadleeh in Huffington Post profile, "Native American Transsexual Actress Stars in New Film."

In "India's 'third gender': A marginalised social class" from Al Jazeera, we get a brief introduction to the indigenous hijra identity of continental India -- in both historical and contemporary perspective.

This 60-minute broadcast covers Two Spirit identity as well as the Tribal Equity Toolkit and the Portland Two Spirit Society, with community members from the Portland, OR area including Candace Brings Plenty-Wright and Se-ah-dom Edmo.

The LGBT Muslim Retreat was covered by the Advocate and the Washington Post in 2013, tracing complex dynamics of colonial influence and Islamophobia.

This is a lovely photo spread of muxes from the southern states of Oaxaca in Mexico. Warning for misgendering and ugly comments.

This powerful letter from Coya White Hat-Artichoker (Sicangu Lakota) and Paulina Helm-Hernandez (Chicana Mestiza) navigates the dynamics of policing Native identity among LGBTQ/Two Spirit communities.

David Taffet reports on the growing Texas Two Spirit Society in "Two Spirit Rising" for the Dallas Voice.

Portland Two Spirit Society founder, Amanda Brings Plenty-Wright, was named a 2013 Queer Hero by Heroes NW, a collaboration between Q Center and the Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN).

429Magazine did a quick article about Two Spirit people on March 7, 2013. While the article mainly frames issues around LGBT Marriage, it also points briefly to the "culture war" among modern Native Americans.

This video/multimedia piece explains Two Spirit in 4 minutes, with interesting graphics and interactive links.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) that the combination of anti-transgender with structural and individual racism meant that transgender people of color experience particularly devastating levels of discrimination.

In this 4 minute story on YouTube, Nazbah Tom tells of how she came out to her Mother. Dedicated to Mom, the Mountains, and the Ancestors.

This 8 minute video from Basic Rights Oregon tells the stories of several Two Spirit people and their relationships with family -- as children, as parents, as elders.

The Northeast Two Spirit Society (NE2SS) maintains a comprehensive Two Spirit Resource Directory, which is worth checking for additional resources.

This 20 minute film by Mike Garrido and Tarek Tohme features Elton Naswood (Navajo), Ben Lucero Wolf (Kiowa), and Richard Eric Dearmore (Paiute).

This report from the National Aboriginal Health Organization describes how First Nations communities can support two-spirited people by providing safe spaces that include and respect them, by standing up for them, and by speaking out about the discrimination they experience.

The tribal equity toolkit considers Two Spirit equity an issue of tribal sovereignity. This resource will aid anyone working to update tribal resolutions and codes in support of Two Spirit and LGBT justice.

This workbook from Raven Kaldera explores both spiritual history and our modern predicaments, with group exercises, community service project suggestions, rituals, and interviews with people from all over both the transgender spectrum.

"Hearing Two-Spirits: Two-Spirit voices are integral to cultivating community resistance and decolonization" by Cortney Dakin in Briarpath magazine connects the resurgence of Two Spirit identities with decolonization.

PBS's Independent Lens has created a Google Map showing diverse societies around the world that have long-established traditions for third, fourth, fifth, or more genders.

"Tales of the Waria" is a film from director Kathy Huang which profiles the waria of Indonesia, who find acceptance in Muslim society that may be surprising to outsiders.

This remix of footage from other films and sources provides a 12 minute introduction to Two Spirit identities in Native American societies.

This page from NativeOUT details Two Spirit people from history.

This list from NativeOUT lists terms in tribal languages that fall under the Two Spirit umbrella.

Irene Monroe lifts up the need for LGBTQ solidarity with Two Spirit people during Thanksgiving 2009 on the Huffington Post.

Harlan Pruden explores the marginalization of Two Spirit and Native concerns in LGBT funding, while offering a vision for movement building.

Film Footage was provided by Crisosto Apache for the Two Spirit Society of Denver. Footage is of the Grand Entry of the 21st International Two Spirit Gathering held at Aspen Lodge inEstes Park Colorado October 2009.

The Utne Reader covers the 20th Annual International Two Spirit Gathering in 2008 as they gathered near Minneapolis, MN.

This powerful feature-length film from 2009 tells the story of Fred Martinez, a male-bodied person with a feminine nature, who was brutally murdered at the age of 16. The film interweaves this tragic story with an exploration of Native American culture and gender.

Video segments from the Northeast Two Spirit Society's presentation at Plimoth Plantation, with Kent Lebsock and Harlan Pruden as guest speakers in May 2008. Run time approx 14 minutes.

In "Two Spirits Better than One" in the Gay City News, Christopher Murray interviews Harlan Pruden.

A 22 minute film, available online, which follows Joey Criddle's effort to reclaim the place of honor that many Two Spirits once held prior to colonization.

Raven Kaldera's bold call to the life of Sacred Gender is a classic text.

In "The Spirit of Transgender," a classic text from the late 1990s, Holly Boswell issues a call to spiritual exploration, synthesizing Indigenous, Pagan, and Taoist insights with modern authors and contemporary transgender experience.

This classic 20-minute film from 1991 predates the widespread acceptance of the term "Two Spirit" and references "berdache" regularly. Yet it also offers a nuanced exploration of gender and acceptance in Native contexts.

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