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Getting Started: Two Spirit

Lynn Young explores the term "Two Spirit" and what it has means both in Lynn's life and for Transfaith.

Cathy White of Drexel University's The Triangle (student newspaper) writes about Harlan Pruden's and Sheldon Raymore's presentation on the history of Indigenous Peoples, and specifically on Two Spirit people. A full video is also available, including the Native dance demonstration.

This video/multimedia piece explains Two Spirit in 4 minutes, with interesting graphics and interactive links.

"Hearing Two-Spirits: Two-Spirit voices are integral to cultivating community resistance and decolonization" by Cortney Dakin in Briarpath magazine connects the resurgence of Two Spirit identities with decolonization.

PBS's Independent Lens has created a Google Map showing diverse societies around the world that have long-established traditions for third, fourth, fifth, or more genders.

This page from NativeOUT details Two Spirit people from history.

This list from NativeOUT lists terms in tribal languages that fall under the Two Spirit umbrella.

Harlan Pruden explores the marginalization of Two Spirit and Native concerns in LGBT funding, while offering a vision for movement building.

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