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Two Spirit Stories

Coming in at just under 2 minutes, this video puts Ty Defoe's hoop dance at the 2016 BAAITS Pow Wow in the spotlight.

Lynn Young explores the term "Two Spirit" and what it has means both in Lynn's life and for Transfaith.

Transfaith is seeking Indigenous and Two Spirit voices -- writing, video, poetry, and ritual relating to gender experiences. The call is distributed as a PDF.

In this 4 minute story on YouTube, Nazbah Tom tells of how she came out to her Mother. Dedicated to Mom, the Mountains, and the Ancestors.

This 8 minute video from Basic Rights Oregon tells the stories of several Two Spirit people and their relationships with family -- as children, as parents, as elders.

This 20 minute film by Mike Garrido and Tarek Tohme features Elton Naswood (Navajo), Ben Lucero Wolf (Kiowa), and Richard Eric Dearmore (Paiute).

This powerful feature-length film from 2009 tells the story of Fred Martinez, a male-bodied person with a feminine nature, who was brutally murdered at the age of 16. The film interweaves this tragic story with an exploration of Native American culture and gender.

Video segments from the Northeast Two Spirit Society's presentation at Plimoth Plantation, with Kent Lebsock and Harlan Pruden as guest speakers in May 2008. Run time approx 14 minutes.

A 22 minute film, available online, which follows Joey Criddle's effort to reclaim the place of honor that many Two Spirits once held prior to colonization.

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