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North American Voices

Highlights of transgender representation through Ramadan

Open letter from Youth Fellow Mud Howard on trans people who condemn religion from a position of privilege.

Transfaith sits down with three transgender Muslims to talk about the impact of Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, and how to join in struggle with targeted Muslim communities.

Planning for a gathering of transgender Muslim leaders at the 2017 Philadelphia Trans Health has begun!

Umber Ghauri reflects on how hard it can be to show a truly authentic face that includes gender, race, culture, and religion

Time magazine interviews trans Muslim, Izzaddine Mustafa, after the Orlando tragedy.

Tynan Power's op-ed for the Washington Post about Orlando and the vulnerability of being a transgender Muslim

Tynan Power interviewed on New England Public Radio

The LGBT Muslim Retreat was covered by the Advocate and the Washington Post in 2013, tracing complex dynamics of colonial influence and Islamophobia.

Tynan Power asks for more conversation about "men, women, and trans" at the 2012 LGBT Muslim retreat.

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Finding Each Other

The Trans and Muslim working group is sponsored by Transfaith, in collaboration with Tynan Power, a transgender Muslim activist and faith leader.

The Trans Muslim Support Network is a branch of Masjid al-Rabia's advocacy & outreach programs, led by Mahdia Lynn.

An e-mail support group for Muslims who are transgender, and for those who consider themselves gender variant.

U.S. based organization for Queer and Trans Muslims