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Latest Additions

Transfaith Youth Writing Fellow mud howard interviews writer, poet, and interrogator jayy dodd.

Josefine W. W. Parker's essays on trans ecology, magic, and sainthood "For Wildness to Bloom"

Youth Fellow Hablo Rodriguez-Williams speaks with trans health activist and sex work expert/advocate Phoebe Elizabeth Oya VanCleefe.

Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Dominic Bradley kicks off our Suicide Prevention Month with a frank discussion of suicide, faith, and social justice.

Open letter from Youth Fellow Mud Howard on trans people who condemn religion from a position of privilege.

Hablo Rodriguez-Williams discusses the increasing weaponization of police in communities of color - and why it should matter to trans people.

Youth Writing Fellow Mud Howard gives us a peek behind the scenes at Peacock Rebellion's Brouhaha, an event that celebrates stand-up comedy by trans women of color!

Youth Writing Fellow Habló Rodríguez-Williams advocates for decolonial spiritual practices.

Transfaith Youth Fellow Mud Howard explores emerging trans spiritual movements.

Ramadan may be over for 2017, but solidarity with trans Muslims is still incredibly important.

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