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Upasika tree (aka Cleis Abeni) explains Dharma Day while remembering the blessed life of a young Buddhist named Alphy who was killed in 1999.

Mariette Pathy Allen's 2017 photobook highlights the lived experiences of T/GNC spirit mediums in Thailand and Burma

"It really felt like [the Episcopal Church] had our back!" TransEpiscopal marks a historic year at the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

PCUSA General Assembly unanimously passes three resolutions on gender, LGBT ministry, and religious liberty on consent agenda

Highlights of transgender representation through Ramadan

A meditation in three parts from transgender Buddhist, Lu Lam, for times like these...

A range of trans masculine perspectives from Pakistan with Aun Shahid

Transfaith Youth Writing Fellow mud howard interviews writer, poet, and interrogator jayy dodd.

Josefine W. W. Parker's essays on trans ecology, magic, and sainthood "For Wildness to Bloom"

Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Dominic Bradley kicks off our Suicide Prevention Month with a frank discussion of suicide, faith, and social justice.

Open letter from Youth Fellow Mud Howard on trans people who condemn religion from a position of privilege.

Hablo Rodriguez-Williams discusses the increasing weaponization of police in communities of color - and why it should matter to trans people.

Youth Writing Fellow Mud Howard gives us a peek behind the scenes at Peacock Rebellion's Brouhaha, an event that celebrates stand-up comedy by trans women of color!

Youth Writing Fellow Habló Rodríguez-Williams advocates for decolonial spiritual practices.

Transfaith Youth Fellow Mud Howard explores emerging trans spiritual movements.

Transfaith speaks with two black trans elders about the past, present, and future of transgender liberation, and what we can do to support those who have been in this struggle since back in the day.

Transfaith sits down with three transgender Muslims to talk about the impact of Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, and how to join in struggle with targeted Muslim communities.

Dee Dee Watters offers a powerful prayer of hope and solidarity in the midst of tragedy

#TransJustice means... we mourn and we fight... Presente! In Honor of Trans Women by delfin bautista

Two trans activists are included in a who’s who of Jewish LGBTQ leaders to know in the Times of Israel

Operations Coordinator Tahnee Jackson responds to a blog on brown, non-binary expression

Umber Ghauri reflects on how hard it can be to show a truly authentic face that includes gender, race, culture, and religion

Goddess Spirituality feels the impact of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF)

Time magazine interviews trans Muslim, Izzaddine Mustafa, after the Orlando tragedy.

Tracing Abby Stein's journey from Hasidic Judaism to atheism to reclaiming her connection to Judaism.

The story of a transgender performer in Bharatanatyam -- one of India’s oldest and most revered forms of dance

Tynan Power's op-ed for the Washington Post about Orlando and the vulnerability of being a transgender Muslim

Episcopal trans woman leading interfaith advocacy against discrimination in Arkansas

Tynan Power interviewed on New England Public Radio

Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari moves to lead Philadelphia's Kol Tzedek synagogue

Barbara Satin receives historic appointment by President Obama to the Advisory Council on Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships

Angelica Ross provides words of comfort and encouragement for 12 year old Trinity (and Trinity's mother) after online bullying

Angelica Ross is getting a lot of attention these days after appearance on the Daily Show and HerStory.

Rev. Debra Hopkins (and others) have been taking a vocal role in North Carolina politics around HB2, ever since Charlotte passed its non-discrimination policy.

Transgender Religious professional Unitarian Universalists Together (TRUUsT) is celebrating the completion of their inaugural retreat, held in Pacific Grove, California, April 11-14, 2016.

Coming in at just under 2 minutes, this video puts Ty Defoe's hoop dance at the 2016 BAAITS Pow Wow in the spotlight.

Barbara Satin joins Sky Anderson and Virginia Mollenkott in the LGBT RAN Oral History Gallery.

Teo Drake profiled by Yoga International in December 2015, featuring an edited excerpt from his essay, "Yoga on the Margins"

In January 2016, the Center for American Progress included Asher Kolieboi and Alex Patchin McNeill as 2 of 16 "faith leaders to watch in 2016"

JTA highlights Rafi Daugherty's experience as a Jewish transgender man giving birth (January 2016)

Rhonda Dinwiddie is an ordained elder at Hollywood Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Hollywood, CA.

Noting that no trans performers had been included in the line up, trans performers and activists took the stage with their demands, their resistance, their defiance. August 2015.

This 14 min video segment from Nightline ABC (March 2015) includes additional clarifying commentary from Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC) as they follow intersex advocate, Sean Saifa Wall, as he confronts his childhood surgeon.

Important reports from the Council of Europe and the Fundamental Rights Agency both released on the same day.

An April 2015 story about intersex on the AP News spurs a response by intersex advocate, Jim Ambrose -- emphasizing that wishful thinking is not helpful.

Helena Dalli, sponsor of the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Bill (GIGESC), talks about what the legislation means.

The Catholic-focused "Owning Our Faith" documentary project includes extended interviews with Hilary Howes (and her family) and Mateo Williamson.

Chris Paige highlights the faith story that was revealed behind recent headlines about Bruce Jenner's gender transition.

Executive Director, Chris Paige, is interviewed about the new Transfaith Memorial Garden for a feature on the Believe Out Loud blog.

Rev. Yeshua Holiday reflects on the first March for Transgender Visibility and Rights took place in Nashville, TN.

Cathy White of Drexel University's The Triangle (student newspaper) writes about Harlan Pruden's and Sheldon Raymore's presentation on the history of Indigenous Peoples, and specifically on Two Spirit people. A full video is also available, including the Native dance demonstration.

In "Be Proud to be OUT: An Interview with Two of the Volunteers of NativeOUT," by Collestipher Chatto interviews NativeOUT volunteers, Terra Mathews-Hartwell (Tsimshian/Carrier) and Louva Hartwell (Diné) for the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) for the IAIA Chronicle.

New movie, Drunktown's Finest, promises to explore the lives of contemporary Nadleeh in Huffington Post profile, "Native American Transsexual Actress Stars in New Film."

In "India's 'third gender': A marginalised social class" from Al Jazeera, we get a brief introduction to the indigenous hijra identity of continental India -- in both historical and contemporary perspective.

This 60-minute broadcast covers Two Spirit identity as well as the Tribal Equity Toolkit and the Portland Two Spirit Society, with community members from the Portland, OR area including Candace Brings Plenty-Wright and Se-ah-dom Edmo.

This is a lovely photo spread of muxes from the southern states of Oaxaca in Mexico. Warning for misgendering and ugly comments.

In the midst of the mainstream media tackling transgender issues, it's important for our allies to be vocal and persistent.

In "Chelsea Manning and the Battle for Trans Inclusive Healthcare Without Bias," Janet Mock talks about freedom and safety for all transgender people.

"Ten Intersex Gods and Goddesses" by Lusmerlin Lantigua is a good beginning synopsis of gender diversity in ancient texts and traditions -- but some clarification about actual vs. mythic intersex conditions may be useful.

Delfin Bautista reflects on the Pope's recent comments in "Making a Truth-Filled Mess Judgement Free."

"Five Questions for Transgender Chaplain Cameron Partridge" by Lauren Markoe in the Religion News Service inadvertently engages us around the misgendering of transgender people.

Positively Aware magazine takes on stigma and shame -- as well as authenticity and the power of hope -- in relation to continuing HIV infection rates, with Jeff Berry and Cecilia Chung.

Spoken word artist, J Mase III, takes on Joseph from Genesis in "Josephine,"a spoken word YouTube post.

Joy Ladin takes on the messy realities of relationship in "Breaking the Gender Covenant".

In the Transfaith family, we've been hearing from our Black and Brown siblings that the Zimmerman verdict has brought home a deep sense of risk and vulnerability.

This powerful letter from Coya White Hat-Artichoker (Sicangu Lakota) and Paulina Helm-Hernandez (Chicana Mestiza) navigates the dynamics of policing Native identity among LGBTQ/Two Spirit communities.

The Jewish Daily Forward begins a series called "Transgender and Jewish" with profiles of transgender rabbis and rabbinic students.

David Taffet reports on the growing Texas Two Spirit Society in "Two Spirit Rising" for the Dallas Voice.

Angel Collie talks about faith work in a Ugandan context in "Finding Hope for Embattled Ugandan LGBTs" by Matt Simonette in the Windy City Times.

David Weekley, Chris Paige, and Nicole Garcia in "Transgender Religious Movements Grow as More Religious Groups Ordain and Welcome 'T' in LGBT" on the Huffington Post

Kayley Whalen with a challenge for transgender religious allies -- "Embracing Transgender Equality, Inside and Outside Religious Communities" in the Huffington Post.

Portland Two Spirit Society founder, Amanda Brings Plenty-Wright, was named a 2013 Queer Hero by Heroes NW, a collaboration between Q Center and the Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN).

Mykal Slack is profiled (twice) on the Believe Out Loud blog, touching on issues of race, class, and gender.

429Magazine did a quick article about Two Spirit people on March 7, 2013. While the article mainly frames issues around LGBT Marriage, it also points briefly to the "culture war" among modern Native Americans.

Announcing the formation of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD) in the U.S.

Qui Dorian talks about his passion for yoga and his dream of seeing a queer/trans/brown/round yoga studio in every community in 'A New Year’s Resolution for Queer and Trans People of Color: Forget the Gym, Occupy Yoga Studios' on QWOC Media

Angelica Ross launches her personal website (MissRoss.com) with insights on Creativity, Spirit, and Leadership.

Becky Garrison reports on a Q&A with comedian Eddie Izzard at the Humanist Community at Harvard in "Eddie Izzard on Atheism, Transgender, and 'The Invisible Bloke Upstairs'” in Religion Dispatches.

Polling from Public Religion Research Institute (2011) shows strong support of transgender rights from U.S. Catholics.

"Tales of the Waria" is a film from director Kathy Huang which profiles the waria of Indonesia, who find acceptance in Muslim society that may be surprising to outsiders.

Irene Monroe lifts up the need for LGBTQ solidarity with Two Spirit people during Thanksgiving 2009 on the Huffington Post.

Harlan Pruden explores the marginalization of Two Spirit and Native concerns in LGBT funding, while offering a vision for movement building.

In "Two Spirits Better than One" in the Gay City News, Christopher Murray interviews Harlan Pruden.

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