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For Such a Time as This: Diversity

The "Diversity" panel of For Such a Time as This was intended to highlight identities on the gender spectrum that are often less visible and/or overlooked. Randy Klein and Vickie Boisseau were able to join in the "Diversity" conference call to discuss crossdressing, intersex, and gender fluidity.

Diversity with Randy Klein from TransFaith on Vimeo. Also available via YouTube

Diversity with Vickie Boisseau from TransFaith on Vimeo. Also available via YouTube

Full Audio of Conversation

Panel Discussion: Diversity

Participants: Randy Klein, Vickie Boisseau, Chris Paige (facilitator)

Topics: Crossdressing, Intersexuality, Gender Fluidity

Running Time: 42:22 (download 10 MB MP3)

Full Conversation is available through the player on this page in 10 shorter segments. 

Vickie Boisseau
Randy Klein

Quotes, Links, and More...

Randy Klein

I felt I was thinking that I was more in line with how girls were feeling. Growing up in a society that is very gender polarized, I couldn't really express those feelings without being taunted. I learned early on to keep those feelings private. ... I kept this a secret my whole life.

You are who you are.  You can explore your gender.  You can crossdress. Basically, take off those clothes that your mother and father gave you and find something that fits.  God loves you just the way you are.

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Vickie Boisseau

I came out of the closet the day I was born. It took the doctors 3 days to figure out what the heck I was.  They gave me SRS [sex-reassignment-surgery] because a child has to be either a male or female. [The doctors said,] "It can't be both. There is no such thing as ambiguous genitalia." 

On the Web

Intersex 101 - Vickie on MySpace

More Light Presbyterians - Mentioned in the conversation


Special thanks go out to the following sponsors for their commitment to providing hospitality at the New Orleans For Such a Time as This, as well as their sustained commitment as Hurricane Gustav modified our format.

The Interfaith Working Group
United Church of Christ
Church Within A Church

If your church, business, or community organization is interested in showing its support for transgender people through sponsorship of For Such a Time as This, please contact Chris Paige, 215-840-2858, chris (at) transfaithonline (dot) org