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First and foremost, Transfaith is about relationships. While connecting online is great, there's nothing like a face to face connection and community.

In this section, you'll find information about gatherings around the country (and some around the world) that may be of interest to you, including upcoming events, requests for workshop proposals, and sometimes even reports out from participants.

Some events are trans-focused and some focus on specific spiritual or philosophical traditions. Please review each one to see where you might best get your needs met.

The 2015 U.S. Trans Survey is now underway! #USTransSurvey is the new name of the largest survey ever devoted to the lives and experiences of trans people -- the follow-up to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which led to the historic 2011 report Injustice At Every Turn.

Are you sponsoring something for trans folk? Would you like Transfaith to list an upcoming event? The best way to get our attention is to use our online submission form to give us all the details!

More News About Events and Gatherings

Event and gatherings of interest to the Transfaith community. Check out what's happening in October 2015!

Noting that no trans performers had been included in the line up, trans performers and activists took the stage with their demands, their resistance, their defiance. August 2015.

Using our website, Facebook page, and a Facebook group, Transfaith has streamlined it's efforts to highlight community events!

Alex McNeill made history two years ago when he was named executive director of More Light Presbyterians and now he's hosting his first conference.

Event and gatherings of interest to the Transfaith community. Check out what's happening in September 2015!

This 14 min video segment from Nightline ABC (March 2015) includes additional clarifying commentary from Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC) as they follow intersex advocate, Sean Saifa Wall, as he confronts his childhood surgeon.

Rev. Yeshua Holiday reflects on the first March for Transgender Visibility and Rights took place in Nashville, TN.

This 60-minute broadcast covers Two Spirit identity as well as the Tribal Equity Toolkit and the Portland Two Spirit Society, with community members from the Portland, OR area including Candace Brings Plenty-Wright and Se-ah-dom Edmo.

The LGBT Muslim Retreat was covered by the Advocate and the Washington Post in 2013, tracing complex dynamics of colonial influence and Islamophobia.

The new Suicide Prevention Course from the Transfaith Institute will make its public debut in partnership with United Church of Christ's New York School of Ministry.

Pre-Event at Philly Trans Health
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Upcoming Events

September 2 - December 2

20 entries found

TransKansas III
September 11 - September 12 (Location: Manhattan, KS)

For more information visit: transkansas.com

Trans Meet and Greet - Game Night
September 13 (Location: Springfield, MA)

For more information visit: Email Louis at newrevlouis@yahoo.com

More Light Conference
September 18 - September 20 (Location: Louisville, KY)

For more information visit: www.mlp.org/more-light-conference-2015/

Southern Comfort
September 29 - October 3 (Location: Ft Lauderdale, FL)

For more information visit: southerncomfortconference.org

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Creating Change 2016
September 30 (Location: Chicago, IL)

For more information visit: www.thetaskforce.org/static_html/creatingchange_downloads/cc16_RFP_guidelines_b.pdf

Spark 2015 -- Honoring Louis Mitchell
October 1 (Location: San Francisco, CA)

For more information visit: transgenderlawcenter.org/spark

FTM Fitness World Annual Conference
October 1 - October 3 (Location: Atlanta, GA)

For more information visit: ftmfitnessconference.com

Unity Fellowship - National Holy Convocation
October 4 - October 11 (Location: Newark, NJ)

For more information visit: www.unityfellowshipchurch.org/mainsite/

Your True Gender Conference
October 9 - October 11 (Location: San Luis Obispo, CA)

For more information visit: www.yourtruegender.org

Translating Identity Conference
October 10 (Location: Burlington, VT)

For more information visit: www.uvm.edu/~tic/

Fantasia Fair
October 18 - October 25 (Location: Provincetown, MA)

For more information visit: www.fantasiafair.org/Welcome.aspx

Faith & Family LGBTQ Power Summit
October 20 - October 23 (Location: Salt Lake City, UT)

For more information visit: www.thetaskforce.org/utah-faith-family-lgbtq-summit/

Intersex Awareness Day
October 26
THEA+ Peach Tree Conference
October 30 - October 31 (Location: Atlanta, GA)

For more information visit: www.peachstateconference.org

Reformation Project - Regional Training
November 5 - November 6 (Location: Kansas City, KS)

For more information visit: www.reformationproject.org/kc15

Transgender Health: Best Practices in Medical and Mental Health Care (by WPATH)
November 5 - November 7 (Location: Chicago, IL)

For more information visit: www.wpath.org

Intersex Solidarity Day
November 8
Las Vegas TransPride 2015
November 17 - November 22 (Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA)

For more information visit www.lasvegastranspride.org

Transcending Boundaries
November 20 - November 22 (Location: Springfield, MA)

For more information visit: transcendingboundaries.org

Memorial to Transgender Transsexual Suicide Victims
November 21

Visit www.lauras-playground.com/transsexual_transgender_suicide_memorial.htm for more information.