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More About Philly Trans-Health

Chief Bob Red Hawk of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania explaining the smudge ceremony at PTHC 2011.

The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference was founded in 2001 and now spans three days in June each year.  It is the largest transgender-specific conference in the world (over 2400 attended in 2012) and is presented by Mazzoni Center.

  • Registration is FREE, which has brought amazing diversity
  • Programming for parents with young children, gender variant children, tweens, youth
  • YES! Family, friends, and allies are encouraged to join us
  • Topics ranging from medical and mental health to spirituality, relationships, and legal

Transfaith executive director, Chris Paige, co-founded the spirituality track in 2009, bringing conversation, networking, and spiritual observance into the space. Opportunities include Christian (incl. Black Church, Orthodox and Catholic, as well as other varieties), Jewish, Muslim, Eastern traditions (e.g. meditation and yoga), Indigenous traditions, as well as opportunities to discuss spirituality in ways that are not confined by religious tradition.

Why at PTHC?

There are few places in the world where people of spirit can gather to learn about transgender communities in all of our diversity -- not simply to hear about diversity from one or a few presenters, but to walk among transgender people from a variety of races and life experiences.

Jamison Green (left) and Earline Budd at the PTHC 2011 opening plenary.

PTHC hosts gender non-conforming children with their familes, youth and young adults, as well as older community members with trans-feminine, trans-masculine, and non-binary gender experiences. Presenters include national transgender leaders and grassroots organizers, as well as medical, mental health, and legal providers. By gathering in the middle of the largest, transgender-specific conference in the world, we are able to encourage interaction with leading experts from a variety of disciplines who can help conference participants to contextualize the role of spirituality in the lives of transgender communities.

Transfaith Highlights at PTHC

Transfaith has played an innovative role in developing the spirituality track at PTHC, since 2009, inviting new voices to expand the conversation.

Chris Paige introducing PTHC 2011
Louis Mitchell offering keynote at PTHC 2012
Nicole Garcia during a recent visit


Inaugural Spirituality Track

First Transfaith Networking Pre-event

Opportunities for Meditation, Worship, Ritual become a part of PTHC

Hosted Peterson Toscano's Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible


First Black Church Town Hall Meeting

Yoga joins the array of spiritual opportunities

First Inclusive Catholic-Orthodox Mass

Hosted book launch of Noach Dzmura's Balancing on the Mechitza


Chris Paige as 10th Anniversary PTHC conference chair 

Chief Bob Red Hawk brings greetings from the Lenape Nation for the first time

Nicole Garcia brings the Latin@ Roundtable to PTHC

Partnership with the Transgender People of Color Coalition for the Transfaith Pre-Event


Louis Mitchell offers keynote address

Fourth annual Shabbat Service expands to include the first annual Shabbat Dinner, hosted by the new Jewish Programming Group

First official Muslim presence, including daily prayer and Jumu'a

Viewing of Two-Spirits film, hosted by the new Indigenous Programming Group

Pre-Event focuses on "The Spirit of Activism," faciltiated by Teo Drake


First effort at a retreat format for the pre-event

Supported  book launch for Dr. Michele Angello's On The Couch With Dr. Angello: A Guide to Raising & Supporting Transgender Youth



Save the Dates: Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, the largest transgender-specific conference in the world, will be September 7-9, 2017 with Transfaith leading development of the spirituality programming

New Directions for the Transfaith Institute

With improved technology and a fresh agenda, the Transfaith Institute launches the new Transfaith for Allies series

UU Leadership Institute Offers "Transgender Inclusion" course

Running through Spring 2017, Mykal Slack and Alex Kapitan lead an online learning experience for $30 per participant

Transfaith at Arch Street United Methodist Church

Louis Mitchell and Li Hooper will be preaching and leading Adult Sunday School at Arch Street United Methodist Church (Philadelphia, PA) on Sunday, January 22, 2017

T Forward Organizational Partners at Creating Change

TransEpiscopal, Trans and Muslim, United Methodist Alliance for Transgender Inclusion, and Trans in the UCC will all be having office hours at the Transfaith table during Creating Change!