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Book List

By the Grace of God byLee Frances Heller and Friends

Drawn from the pioneering Grace and Lace Letters, this 368 page book is available on-line in PDF format. Or a free bound copy of the book is available by inquiry.

Crossing Over: Liberating the Transgendered Christian byVanessa Sheridan
Crossing: A Memoir byDeirdre McClosky

Book. 1999. Finalist, Lambda Literary Awards, 1999. This memoir includes secondary themes relating to her spiritual journey.

Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook byRaven Kaldera

Transgendered people have long been robbed of their own spiritual history, not knowing that there were once times and places where ours was considered a spiritual path in and of itself. This book explores both our spiritual history and our modern predicaments, shaping the outline of a contemporary spiritual path for those of us who don't fit into just one gender box. This revised and expanded edition of Hermaphrodeities features third gender myths, deities, personal and group exercises, community service project suggestions, rituals, and interviews with people from all over both the transgender spectrum.

Made in God's Image: A Resource for Dialogue about the Church and Gender Differences byAnn Thompson Cook

In Made in God's Image, Ann Thompson Cook communicates a gently assertive expectation that we as Christians need to get up to speed on something too rarely discussed but very important for the life of the church and its ministries. Combining valuable information, personal sharing, and resources, this booklet is a perfect starting place for any congregation, family, or individual seeking to better understand transgender issues and to provide a supportive environment for all of God’s children.

Omnigender: A Trans-Religious Approach byVirginia Ramey Mollenkott
Trans-Gendered: Theology, Ministry and Communities of Faith byJustin Tanis
Transgender Good News byPat Conover

Transgender Good News provides a thorough review of physiological, psychological, and sociological scientific research to set up discussions of practical, therapeutic, legal, political, and religious issues. The last 70 pages of the book provides an extended Christian theological analysis considering biblical, doctrinal, natural theology, liberation, and dialectic theology perspectives on transgender experience and expression.

Transgender Journeys byVirginia Ramey Mollenkott and Vanessa Sheridan
Transgendering Faith: Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality byLeanne McCall Tiggert
Transition and Beyond: Observations on Gender Identity byReid Vanderbergh

The author is both a therapist and a transexual. In addition, this book includes a chapter on religion: "When Worlds Collide - Fundamentalist Religion and Transition"

Where The Edge Gathers: Building A Community Of Radical Inclusion byYvette A. Flunder

Writing for church leaders, Bishop Flunder draws on her experience in ministry with marginalized people, including the large transgender community within her church.

Crossing Paths: Where Transgender and Religion Meet (pdf) byvarious authors

PDF is free on-line. Printed copies can be purchased through the UUA OBGLTC office for $10 each.

Cross and the Crossdresser byVanessa Sheridan

out of print. hard to find.

Cross Purposes: On Being Christian and Crossgendered byVanessa Sheridan

out of print. hard to find.