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We Remember. Transgender Day of Remembrance. An Organizer's Tool Kit.



As you begin planning, don't forget to ask some big picture questions about how your TDOR observance will serve the community. What is Transgender Day of Remembrance? Who are you in relationship to the violence? And how can you be helpful to those who are most impacted by violence?

Getting Started

Chris Paige offers a few tips on finding the right tone for your Transgender Day of Remembrance observance.

J Mase III looks at trends in anti-transgender violence and how these realities might impact our organizing.

Angelica Ross helps us think about how we can best serve those who are most vulnerable.

What are the benefits -- and challenges -- of having religious leaders get involved in Transgender Day of Remembrance?


It is simply not enough that the world takes one day (or one month) to be aware that transgender people exist, have real life concerns, and are dying from both neglect and abuse.

J Mase III asks us to make sure our efforts at inclusion are not merely symbolic gestures.

Having a “good purpose” for raising money isn’t enough of a reason for doing so. Would you have a fundraiser at:

a loved one’s funeral?

at a Holocaust memorial?

at Fort Hood where people were recently gunned down?

at 9-11′s ground zero?

Contains prayers, readings, personal stories from transgender people, quotes from rabbinic leaders, and suggested concrete action steps. From Keshet.

Includes tips for hosting a successful remembrance event, guiding principles, ideas for events, and planning tips.

Resources for Transgender Day of Remembrance from the Standing on the Side of Love campaign and the Unitarian Universalist Association

"Transgender Day of Remembrance: What it is and what you can do?" is a 2-page PDF from the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network highlights basics about Transgender Day of Remembrance, related definitions, and ideas for student activism.


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