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We Remember. Transgender Day of Remembrance. An Organizer's Tool Kit.



A version of the Lord’s Prayer for those who might want to follow this simple way of praying for their transgender brothers, sisters, and siblings.

A Prayer of Cisgender Confession and Commitment by Tammerie Day

Jay Wilson offers these worship resources via ReconcilingWorks (Lutherans). The 4 page PDF includes 3 Prayers of Confession and Forgiveness, as well as a sample Prayers of the People.

There are some deities, however, who include trans people amongst their ranks and amongst their children, and who know that gender diversity is a divine thing. Today, I pray to them, and entrust the care and the memory of these individuals taken from life to them–the Tetrad: Panpsyche, Panhyle, Paneros, and Pancrates.

A prayer by Vickey Gibbs

This is an amazing collection of prayers from many traditions, many authors.

This prayer from First UU in Brooklyn (2011) was spoken with 4 voices. Some lines have only one person speaking them; some lines have two; and some lines have all four voices.

Contains prayers, readings, personal stories from transgender people, quotes from rabbinic leaders, and suggested concrete action steps. From Keshet.

Today we ask forgiveness

for our complicity with this violence / Forgive us /

Awaken us /

Remind us /

Transform us /

Pastoral Letter and Prayer for Transgender Day of Remembrance. Pastoral Letter on behalf of the United Church of Christ (UCC). Prayer by Rev. Mike Schuenemeyer.

A Prayer for Transgender Day of Remembrance by Durrell (2006)

Prayer for Transgender Day of Remembrance by Reuben Zellman (2006)

A Transgender Day of Remembrance Litany by Rev. Paul Turner (2007)

A Transgender Day of Remembrance Prayer by Rev. Paul Turner (2007).

A prayer for all of those fallen to hatred, fear, and misunderstanding. What is remembered, lives.


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