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We Remember. Transgender Day of Remembrance. An Organizer's Tool Kit.

The Names


One very common element of the Transgender Day of Remembrance service is to read the names of those lost over the previous 12 months. A variety of options have emerged to enter into this process.


In recent years some have criticized the Transgender Day of Remembrance for being too dark, too gloomy, too morbid. But just as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall refuses to allow us to remember the Vietnam War without remembering the people who gave their lives to see that war through, the Transgender Day of Remembrance serves an important purpose for those of us fighting the battle for LGBT equality.


Courtney O'Donnell (a.k.a.'Lexie Cannes') details several of this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance related news stories.

The official International Transgender Day of Remembrance website lists TDOR events around the world and can be an important place to check for local coalitions -- as well as a place to report your upcoming TDOR events.

"Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide" (TvT) has also taken up the task of tracking incidents worldwide, adding additional analysis.

This is a new (2013) Kickstarter project from Allison Woolbert to create an automated website system whereby the tracking of the information can report at any given moment on the violence against our community that would include murders, suicides and violence occurring against transgender individuals.


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