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We Remember. Transgender Day of Remembrance. An Organizer's Tool Kit.

The Role of Religion


by Mx Chris Paige

The unique character of Transgender Day of Remembrance creates an important opportunity for people of faith and spirit to connect with transgender communities in meaningful ways.

  1. Many clergy and religious leaders are experienced with leading funerals and memorial services, as well as with supporting those who are grieving.
  2. In engaging with police and judicial authorities after a murder, the presence of people of faith may add an additional note of moral authority and accountability.
  3. The presence of mainstream religious support can serve to mitigate the sense of condemnation that may accompany a hate crime and its impact on the community.

Meanwhile, it is also worth noting that many people of transgender experience have been turned off by numerous encounters with religious bigotry. So, a would-be ally should be sensitive when approaching the transgender community. People of faith should not be surprised if transgender activists and organizers may bring a healthy does of self-protective suspicion to new relationships. It may take time to build trust or rapport.

Finally, Transgender Day of Remembrance is not a day for proselytizing. Unless an observance is occurring during regular religious services, remarks should always respect the diversity of spiritual and non-religious views that may be present.

Chris Paige is an OtherWise identified organizer and co-founder of Transfaith.


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Much of this violence is fueled by... transphobia and homophobia expressed in the name of a Christian God. It is a profound and important step for every faith community to join in a resounding chorus that condemns all forms of violence against people who are differently gendered.


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