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Five More Reasons to Give

1. Transfaith is a national organization led by trans people, for trans people, with trans needs at the center. Our staff is trans, our board is more that 50% trans -- and we are expanding our leadership structure and partner relationships to engage even more transgender, gender non-conforming, and Two-Spirit leadership! Your gift goes directly to the community.

2. With your help, we are building bridges. We are weary of the isolation and are working to forge bold new working relationships! We are finding ways for LGBT organizations to better hear transgender leadership; for secular and religious groups to work together; and for more of us to really hear one another across all kinds of lines of difference.

3. Our work is practical. In 2013, we launched critical programming impacting two critical issues facing transgender communities -- namely suicide and anti-transgender violence. We're mobilizing communities of faith to move beyond platitudes to make a real difference in transgender lives. Your gift makes a difference!

4. Together, we are ending isolation. From our global presence on the internet to intimate conversations on conference calls, we are organizing ourselves to connect people to one another in deep and abiding ways. We know just how devastating it can be to feel like the "only one" -- and we have had enough of it!

5. Transfaith is growing! Over our first two years, we have been working to carefully focus our work to be smart and strategic, to be collaborative and practical. Now we are ready to expand our efforts to reach many more people who need this kind of community -- a community where we can all learn and grow, no matter what our experience of gender has been.

Make a commitment to the Transfaith family, today!

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5 Reasons to Give
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