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transACTION: A Transgender Curriculum For Churches and Religious Institutions by Barbara Satin and the Institute for Welcoming Resources/NGLTF is an interactive curriculum. The curriculum is FREE and available for immediate download as a PDF, including a leader's guide.

The program frames three sessions:

  • Session 1: How Do We Get to Understanding
  • Session 2: How Do We Get to Acceptance
  • Session 3: How Do We Get to Welcoming

Session 1 teaches basic transgender concepts, while Session 2 delves specifically into Christian resources. The final session looks at change-making within a congregational context.

All sessions include discussions and activities to go along with the information provided in the curriculum. PDF is free online, including a leader's guide.

transACTION Curriculum

transACTION Leader's Guide

Christian Traditions
Getting Started
Our Stories
Study Resources
Call Me Malcolm
Gender Identity and|Our Faith Communities
Out of the Box
Finding Each Other